Science Educator ENGLISH

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Science Educator ENGLISH

Voir descriptif détaillé

Menez à bien d'incroyables projets scientifiques !
Des voyages scientifiques qui changent le monde
Des aventures hors du commun, des projets réels pour le développement durable

L'Offre d'Emploi

Welcome to the recruitment site for the people to wish to become a Science Educator

In order to promote the autonomy and responsability capacity in children while developing their curiosity through Science, science educators of the NGO Objective Sciences International will contribute to research projects in order to find solutions related with sustainable development problems. Objective Sciences International (OSI) base its activities and technical education in the Pedagogy Project implemented in the science camps, discovery classes and solidary holiday permissions. As a consultant of several international organizations, and in cooperation with scientific laboratories related with the topics of the activities carried out in the camps, our NGO provides the highest level of quality in our science camps.

The NGO is currently looking forward Science Educators to work in ENGLISH holiday camps

Job/Trainings vacancies :

  • Six in France, Québec, Switzerland (regardless of gender and age)
  • All scientific disciplines, according to your profile

Job/Trainings Description :

  • Support participants from 7 to 18 years old in their scientific research activities
  • Animation of daily life and all the activities
  • For further information visit this link .

Conditions :

  • You should have a good ability to understand and speak French and English (you will work as an English speaking animator but your training and preparation will be in French, which is internal work language of the NGO)
  • It would be good if you have any field experience, however small, in the education or science education field
  • You should be a nature lover, be patient with children and have enough physical energy to do this job during all the day
  • You must be avaiable during periods of 2 to 8 weeks during the summer, winter and spring school holidays
  • It is not important for us whether you have already another job, you live by your own or you are still a student
  • It will be an advantage if you live in an area close to the place where the activities will take place or if you can get there easily at low cost (depending on your case)
  • You must want to contribute to the development of NGO activities in your country and in your language
  • Depending on the area you live, you can consider work as a full-time in Africa, USA, Canada, Europe or South America.

The NGO Objectif Sciences International is pleased and proud to be able to offer scientific stays of this level of quality to its participants. We are looking forward to be able to offer soon this kind of activities to children, teenagers and adults in your country through your integration into our team.

See you soon !

Job/Trainings Fields

For all fields available (Astronomy, Sports, etc) please look at the link bellow.

Contact us :

In order to consider your application by the relevant team, please send it to us as soon as possible following the technical intructions described on this link :

In addition, we also invite you to take a look to this two links :

Please, spread this information around your friends and colleagues !

As there are several vacancies, it is therefore useful and necessary if you can help us to distribute this information all around you. You can do this by email, facebook, or spreading this poster in the halls of your university, school, business ...

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